Planting Plum Trees

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When planting plum trees, plant them in their dormant period in the fall or winter, plant them in a raised soil area to allow for good drainage, and use a good composted material to provide extra nutrients. Plant a plum tree from the seed, from a starter... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about planting plum trees. I love my plums, my Italian plum tree and it is right on the boarder with the neighbors and it has just gorgeous plums every Fall and it is on of the highlights of our garden and so when you plant the plum tree there are a few rules that you should follow. When you are planting your plum tree the best time to plant it is in the Fall or the Winter so that it is dormant and it will have lots of time to grow and get established towards that because if you plant a plum tree in the heat of the Summer and you don't water it well enough you can lose it a lot of the time. So by planting it in the Fall or the Winter it will get more established for the next year and usually you'll buy it already growing or it is a graph from another tree or it is starting to seed and you plant it right into the ground. So when you are planting your plum tree you never want to cover the main trunk with the soil because it will suffocate. You want to just plant it at the root line and a lot of times by bringing it up a little bit above the ground and adding some compost so it is a little bit higher than the level of the ground you can make sure that it never sits in water and it gets good drainage and then that way you can just keep putting more compost on it every Fall too so that it has extra nutrition for the following year and you want to use good composted organic materials and you want to make sure that you dig the hole about twice the size of the root so it has something to grab on to and that the Earth is really loose and it is ready to grow and always water it really well if it is not raining and at that point if it is hot because you never want to leave a new tree too dry you'll lose it. As long as you put it in a sunny spot and give it lots of water you will find that you'll get plums on your tree within two to three years.