Types of Perennial Flowers

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Some types of perennial flowers include geraniums, several types of roses, lantana and heredia. Plant flowers in a garden that will come back every years as long as they are cut back in the winter with tips from a professional landscaper in this free... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let's talk about perennial flowers. Perennials are plants that come back every year, basically. You plant them, they grow, they bloom, you cut them back over the winter, they re-sprout and come back out again the next year. You take care of them, you cut them back that next winter and they continue to perform for you, so perennial means they come back every year. And in my opinion, a perennials are the way to go because you get stuff established and you're not having to redo everything every year. A few types of perennial flowers: the geranium, is a really nice perennial. They have come up with some really neat colors this year. I, I don't, it's a variation of red but it's not a red. It's sort of a combination of red and pink. Course there there is the red geranium as well, but it is a really nice summertime flower. Of course, roses. You can't go wrong with roses in the middle of the summer. They thur, thoroughly love that. And then of course, you've got Lantana and there are more and more types of Lantana coming out. You've got what they call New Gold, you've got a a purple. Both of those are a trailing. They will just run and grow and go everywheres. Then there's some Lantana that's in a sort of in a shrub form. The Heredia, which is a Texas native, has a orange and yellow bloom on it. It's really nice. There's a white one like that as well. There's another one in similar fashion that has a sort of a creamy and lavender bloom. So Lantana's got several ways of going. There's a red one, in fact there's two different types of red Lantana's. Then there's the rock rose, primarily a pink bloom. Another one, a white one, but they're very hard to find. If you can find a white and mix it with the pink, they they work really well together. So perennials come back every year. You cut them back over the winter, they come back out in the spring.