Tips And Techniques On Caring For Black Eyed Susans

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Learn some tips and techniques for caring for your Black Eyed Susan plant in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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I'd like to stress how important it is to division of perennials on cool days. On cloudy days is best. You want to do it in the fall when the temperatures are a lot cooler. Minimizing air exposure is very, very important. Once you get some perennials out of the ground, it's really important that you keep the roots nice and moist. While I'm trying to get other things done, if I can't get to these plants right a way, I'm going to lay them in this wet burlap to minimize the sun exposure, to minimize air exposure. I'm just going to lay them in here so that they're nice and moist and protected. It's better to keep them in the dark than to have them in full sun. We just cover them up here with this burlap and make sure that it's nice and wet. I'm just going to soak it down here while I'm getting my next thing prepared. You want to get them in the ground as fast as you can, but if you can't do that because you're working by yourself and you don't have somebody to dig a hole for you, this a really good technique to keeping them from getting into anymore shock than you've already put them in. There you go. They should be fine.