Carpet Vs. Hard Surfaces When Considering a Vacuum

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When choosing a vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider the flooring in the home, whether it be mostly carpet or mostly hard surfaces. Find out how to find the perfect vacuum for your home with helpful tips from a vacuum salesman in this free video... View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Steve Chubin at Steve's Sewing and Vacuum Center in King of Prussia, PA and today we are here to discuss how to buy a vacuum cleaner. This is another electric broom. This electric broom here would be for people who have kitchens that have some carpeted areas, small area rugs. With this particular electric broom, it has a little brush in the bottom here. This is an electric brush roll that will help to pick up fuzz, pet hair and what have you on slight carpeted surfaces. This however is not meant to do your whole house. This would be for accessory cleaning and for a person who wants an electric broom for doing just a kitchen in the home. It hangs very easy on a hook in a closet here and will hang there and be ready to use whenever you need it.