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Sending flowers through the mail is possible by wrapping them safely in an overnight or priority shipping box, which only takes two days, or by ordering flowers from, which can be delivered anywhere in the world. Send flowers to someone special... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to send flowers. Now there's many different ways that you can send flowers to someone, and you can even send them yourself. You can buy some flowers at the local store, the local florist, and put them in a priority mailbox, it's only two days to delivery. Or put them in an overnight box, and you can ship them to someone that you love quite quickly, and if it's just a little bouquet of flowers, you can wrap it with some newspaper, and maybe put some paper towels or some water in the bottom of it, but even in the wintertime where when it's not freezing but not too hot, you can ship flowers pretty easily and they'll get there really well. So the first way to do it is ship it yourself, whether it's priority mail, overnight, DHL, any company, regular post office. And the second way that you can ship flowers is online. And, the most economical way to do that is to order them from the local florist, or the local area florist where the person you want to send them to is located. Because that way, there's no middle man that is going to get a percentage, and you'll get your best rates, generally. But for security, and a lot of times just to know exactly what you're going to send them, check for websites too. So in the local area, there's different florists that will have websites, and you can order right online and you'll have pictures and you'll know which to get. Or, you can always go through, and they have flowers that can be shipped anywhere in the world, nearly, and they'll have set prices and everything is online. It's a little more expensive, generally, than going to the local florist in the community, but it's set, and there's a company that backs up the plants, and so if you have any problems or the recipient has problems, then you can get refund very easily, and there's usually no problems with that. So there's different ways that you can ship things, or ship flowers and plants, and so that the recipient will get them in great shape. And you can ship them yourself, or you can go through a florist in the area, or go right through a company like FTD that ships worldwide.