Toilet Cleaning: Top Rim

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When cleaning toilets, clean the rim by using multiple paper cloths to disinfect and wipe away germs. Clean the toilet rim with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now we're going to do the rim of the toilet, which is the only thing we haven't done. The inside's all nice and clean, we're just going to do the top rim. This is where we want to use the paper because, again, this is one of the dirtier parts of the toilet. So you just want to get a little bit of disinfectant on your cloth. Again, even though we're using this water over and over, it's got disinfectant in it. So don't worry about contaminating that water. All right? So, then, let's go ahead with our disinfectant cloth and you're going to wipe the top of your basin here. Now this is where you're going to see, you know, yellow urine that's been sitting there. So you want to wipe that really well. Again, you want to do this two or three times with a different paper cloths. Don't ever reuse the paper cloth. You're not going down into the basin, you're just doing the lip right here. Okay? And another reason why I don't use cloth for this, is because the cloth would, you know, you'll drop a corner of it will go down into the toilet and get and it's just more difficult. So, also don't forget to get the back part right here. Okay? Because we haven't done that at all. We've done the hinges back here, but we haven't actually done the part that links the toilet to this piece here. So just clean that up. And that's it, your toilet is cleaned. But just make sure you go over this area a couple with two or three different pieces of toilet paper, kitchen paper and then put it in your plastic bag cause that's not, it's harmful to flush that down the toilet.