How Vacuum Cleaners Work

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Vacuum cleaners work by sucking up loose dirt and debris from surfaces and collecting that dirt in a paper or cloth bag inside the body of the appliance. Understand the anatomy of a vacuum cleaner with helpful tips from a vacuum salesman in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Steve Chubin at Steve's Sewing and Vacuum Center in King of Prussia, PA and today we are here to discuss how to buy a vacuum cleaner. Now back to vacuum's with bags, the dirt is coming into this bag and staying in this bag. Again, this is a cloth bag on this one and you can use a paper bag also on a particular vacuum. We do prefer the cloth and most of our customer's prefer the cloth also. The vacuum and how it works is the filtration is done through this cloth bag here and the dirt staying inside this but the outer bag you can see is soft all the way around and the outer bag is also part of your filtration. So you have your inner bag that keeps your dirt and dust inside of the inner bag and you have an exterior bag where the dirt and dust would stay on the inside of the exterior bag and that is what we call a soft bag vacuum. Again, that would be on most of your lighter weight vacuum's. When you have a vacuum such as this one here, this is a hard case vacuum, this particular model also comes with a cloth bag and you can also get a paper bag in this model. With a hard case vacuum, the dirt and the air can obviously not through this case anymore. So the dirt and the air is trapped in this bag, the bag in the unit and then all of the air has to exit out somewhere. On a soft bag, it exits out all around the whole entire vacuum. On a hard case unit, the air exits out through one area. On this particular vacuum, the air exits out right through here. This has another filter right here. This basically traps all of the dirt and dust inside the product and then the air would exit out of these vents. These are coming out of this area of the vacuum right here and that is where exiting out. So all of the air is coming in through the hose, in through the bottom of the vacuum into the bag, the dirt staying in the bag and the air coming out of the bag and through this filter. That is how a hard case unit works. Where everything comes out in one area. Again, as opposed to a soft bag where everything comes out the whole entire bag.