Bathroom Cleaning: Refresh Water

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Refreshing the water when cleaning a bathroom is important to prevent spreading germs from one place to the other. Refresh cleaning water for a bathroom with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now we're going to move on with our windows. Now, we want to make sure that we start off with clean water, and and so in order to do that we have to, again, change this out, because we've used this water to clean all of our countertops, all of our sil, our sink, our hardware, the cupboards, so it's pretty dusty. So we want to start fresh with the windows, so let's empty these both out and we're going to start over, and hopefully, you've remembered the drill by now. What we do is we just rinse out the sink, cause' I can see right here, I can see the dirt that's inside this basin. So, hopefully you've remembered; you get the water running, you want warm water, rinse it out. When you can feel that it's nice and warm close it up, nice and warm, and one capful of Pine-Sol or whatever disinfectant you use. Just one cap in each, half a bowl of water. I'm sure you've remembered by now. We've done this a couple of times over. But this is really important, because if you're washing things in your bathroom over and over from the same sink of water, you are going to have; you're going to be passing germs from one thing to the next. This is critical, that you keep changing to fresh water with clean, a clean start with every project.