Bathroom Cleaning: Fresh Water

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Fresh water when cleaning a bathroom is important to maintain a sanitary environment. Use fresh batches of water and disinfectant with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Now we have cleaned the cob webs from the ceiling. We've cleaned the light fixtures. We've cleaned the mirrors. We've cleaned the cabinets inside out so our water here is looking a little bit dirty so you always always want to make sure that you clean from clean water. So let's start over. Now we don't have to do the whole process of cleaning out the basin. We have already cleaned the basins out. We just want to put some fresh clean water back into both of these. So let's just rinse out and then close it up and put one little bit in. Make sure the water is warm. It is nice and warm. So we are going to do a cap in that one and then here let's just rinse out any of that dirty water. Let's close it up and make sure it is warm. Let's put a cap in there and now we can start cleaning down all of our counter tops with nice clean water. Always run the lid under the faucet like that because it just gets rid of the chemicals that I don't need to be touching on the outside of the bottle.