How to Draw a Plan for your Custom Oak Computer Desk

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Learn how to draw a plan for your custom oak computer desk project, in this free DIY video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village, in this video clip we would be drawing a basic plan for our desk. Now I have my walls drawn out here with the maximum measurement that it could be. I'm going to start sketching my design I know that I want it to be a corner desk so essentially it would look like that. Now my main work area is going to be right here in this corner so I'm going to add a little curve in here just so that flows a little bit better and that it is a little bit more comfortable when you are working there. To figure out the depth that I want to make my desk I'm going to go ahead and measure another computer desk. Now this computer desk measures 29 inches deep however it also have the keyboard sitting on top. For my computer desk I want to make a drawer that the keyboard slides out so we could minimum that amount of space that the keyboard would take up. The keyboard takes up about 9 inches of space so I'm going to subtract that 9 inches from my 29 inches and that is going to give me a depth of 20. I found out that my depth was 20 so I'm going to go ahead and mark that. Now since a cabinet is located right here and a dresser is going to be located right here I'm going to leave these corners square so that they would look nice with the cabinets next to it. The last thing I'm going to do is cut off the back corner that way I could have my monitor sitting here and I could have all my cords running back behind my desk where they won't interfere with anything. One last thing that I'm going to do is take down my measurements a little bit this is going to give me extra room on each side. This one I took down to 40 inches so I could fit a computer right here on the end.