Bathroom Cleaning: Drying Counter Tops

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Drying bathroom counter tops with a rag removes excess water and soap from the surface. Dry off bathroom counter tops with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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So now you have disinfected and you've cleaned. Let's just rinse off one more time and get rid of all the little bubbles that I can see sitting on the side here and this time make sure your cloth is very wrung out well. You want your sort of, you're almost drying it off at the same time as cleaning but you're just picking up all that water that you've dropped intentionally on your counter tops so that it can soak just a little so that's pretty much dry. That's just going to air dry in a minute or so that will be completely dry but what we also want to do to finish up here is to just wipe down the white porcelain here on the edge of our sinks. Just around the tops and we are going to leave that water in there because we are going to use that water for something else. So pretty much your sinks are done, your taps are done, the white sinks, the white porcelain has been cleaned and again all you've needed is just disinfectant. So all your counter tops are done.