How to Design & Build a Desk Hutch

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Get an introduction to this desk hutch building project in this free DIY woodworking video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip I'll be giving you an introduction to our hutch project. In the corner of this room we have a workstation that has been set up with a computer. However, you'll notice that there is not much desk room once we add a scanner, a printer or any other type of electronics. There's more than enough room above the computer desk to build some kind of a shelving unit or a hutch, which is what we're going to do to help maximize our space and we'll be able to put all of components on the shelves or the hutch. We're going to want our hutch to be made of the same material, which is oak and we're going to want it to look similar to the design of our desk so it'll all look as if it were one unit built at the same time. Lastly, to the left of our desk will eventually be a dresser, so we want to make sure that the hutch does not extend over the desk and get into the way where that dresser would be.