Toilet Cleaning: Outer Basin

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When cleaning toilets, clean the outer basin by using a cloth to remove dust and debris. Clean the outer basin with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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See this is where you need the knee pads or the pad to kneel on because my knees are beginning to hurt here just to show you an example. I'm on tile floor and you know, it's beginning to hurt my knees. So, get those knee pads. O.k., what we're going to do now is rinse out the cloth, let's say we've done the base, two or three times. I'm just going to clean the actual base of the toilet, and just get in to these little cracks down here. You'll see that dust gets in to this area. So just give that a good wash. And again, I would do that two or three times because you want to make sure that as your cloth is picking up the dust and the dirt that you're not wiping it back on to the outside of the toilet. So, I would always recommend that you rinse two or three times and just do this exact same thing I'm doing, round and around, picking up all those little hairs and dust and any bacteria that's gone down the side of your basin, o.k. And that's the bottom of your toilet that's clean now. Now we're going to do the inside.