Filipendula Flowers for Shade Gardens

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Filipendula make great flowers for shade gardens. Get tips on planting and growing filipendula flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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In this segment, we're going to talk about more shade plants for the garden that are bulbs. Filipendula Rubra Venusta is a gorgeous plant for the shade and it's a bulb because it goes dormant in the winter. It's got the weirdest looking bulb; it looks just like a snake. So, whenever I have a bulb that looks like a tube or a snake, I plant it sideways about three inches deep. And, this plant will do shade but it'll also do sun as long as you keep it really watered. It has a beautiful bloom; it looks just like a big feather. So, they get tall, maybe three, four feet tall. They love the shade but you can plant them in the sun too if you keep them wet enough in the summer, they'll grow in almost any conditions and they have a large bloom that looks like a big feather that blooms summer through fall, so they are really, really pretty in your garden. They get four or five feet tall, eventually, and the foliage has got like a pink-purple tint to it. So, even when they are not in bloom they are delightful. They are a great shade plant for your garden. Next, we'll talk about another plant for the shade, the Flowering Fern.