Bathroom Cleaning: Hardware

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Cleaning hardware in a bathroom requires a damp cloth that won't leave watermarks on the metal surface. Wipe down bathroom hardware with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Now we are ready to clean down all of the hardware. Now we have softened up all the gunk around the bottom. Now it is time to really make this shine so you are going to make sure your cloth isn't too wet otherwise it just makes it a little less effective. You want to really rub hard. Now if you can see it is not hard to make all of those water spots come off as you are rubbing it over with a damp cloth not a wet cloth. Make sure it is not too wet. Otherwise you are going to leave the water marks that you are trying to take off and just get right underneath there. Can you see how that is shining up? And get the part that controls your plug. So that one is done. Just come over here and make sure that we are doing everything twice. Rinse out your cloth. You want to start out with a clean cloth, even though you are doing the same thing. So again get right underneath here because it just makes such a difference to see that shining when you put a little bit of elbow grease into it. I am sure you can see how that is coming out nicely already and that is just with a bit of disinfectant. That's all it is. You don't need anything else.