How to Select a Watering Can

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When selecting a watering can, consider getting two different types for the various jobs in the garden. Pick a watering can with tips from a landscaper in this free video on gardening and lawn care. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns. Let's talk a little bit about how to select a watering can. Watering cans are a very vital part of gardening, around the house. You don't always want to use a hose, or a sprinkler system, especially on container plants. Watering cans are really good for that. There's a whole lot of different styles and kinds of them. There's metal ones. There's plastic ones, and then there's hard molded plastic ones. I think the best kind of watering can, is this hard molded kind, like this. This will not rust. It's very hard to ever punch a hole in it. It's easy to carry, and it carries up to two gallons of water in it. This is the same way, the same basic molded, but it's got a different head on it. With this one, we have a head, where we can pour it out like it's a shower, and there's some applications where that is what you want to do, but remember when watering, try not to get the plant any wetter than you have to, because you want the water to be in the soil, and go to the roots. You can take this one off, and have a big wide open hole, to really pour a stream out of water, if that is needed, in that case. This one has a narrow end on it. This is more suitable for going in and between the plants, as you water, or for a smaller container. I would recommend that you get one of each, so that you can cover everything that you need to cover. Always have a watering can with you. These particular kind with the handle up and around the side, give you more flexible usage. Also by design, the weight of that water is not as heavy, and you can control the pouring of it, so when selecting a watering can, I would go with these types.