Furniture Repair: Sanding

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For furniture repair, sanding down a mended stripped hole creates a flush surface to drill a new hole. Sand down the top of a table leg for a flush bond to the table top with tips from an experienced home remodeling specialist in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hey everybody I'm Don Golden with Expert Village and we are back working on this desk leg which we have redoweled it, glued, it and the glue has set up good, we have waited probably about an hour so that should be good enough. Now what I want to do is I want to flush this and no it is not a toilet but what I'm going to do is I'm going to sand this down so that it is basically flat and we have got a nice flat surface to put our new hole in which is going to hold the two sided screw which connects to the desk which connects to the leg and holds it in place. And we are going to have to get a bit also when we drill this out that is a little bit smaller than this end so the threads are going to take and hold real good. But first let's sand this down and see what happens. I have got a little rotary sander here that should do the job just right. It's got a very coarse pad on it and you don't need anything real smooth here you just want to knock this off real fast so let's see how this goes. That looks o'kay and I'm going to give it just another couple shots here and I want to be careful not to damage the finished edge here so I kind of keep it curved and we are pretty close so you have got to really watch out when you do this so that you don't angle this too much one way or another. That looks good. We have sanded it down, it's nice and flat. When we come back I'm going to show you how to drill this hole nice and true.