How To Adjust The Depth Of A Black Eyed Susan

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Learn how to adjust the planting depth of your Black Eyed Susan in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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Now we need to planting. We've soaked our plant. Just going to put a little bit of water in the bottom of this hole first just to help premoisten the hole. The next thing is to take the plant out of the bucket and adjust the plant. It's all nice and soaked for soil depth. I like to dig my hole a bit bigger and deeper so that I can always back fill with a good lightweight mix so that it's easier for the perennial to root into. First, I need to judge I've made the hole and whether or not I need to back fill in there or not. Now, this is pretty darn close. I only need to put a little bit. You want it to be ground level. You don't want it to be too deep. If you do, you can suffocate your plant. They really want to be right at the same grade as the soil surface that's go, so I need to back fill a little bit with some of this good potting mix. I'm going to put that in. I'm also going to line the bottom of my hole with some gypsum. I'm also going to replace these bulbs that I have uprooted before. I'm just going to tuck them in along the side and they'll get buried in. They bulbs will push through before the black-eyed Susan will in the spring. They're just going to sleep right there. I'm just going to pack them in. I'm going to set the plant back in the hole. I'm just going to eyeball it and get down and see if it's too deep or too high. I'm going to add a little bit more underneath of it. We just want it right with the same grade as that. Now, the next thing would be to fill in the rest of the plant.