Furniture Repair: Gluing Dowel

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To repair furniture, gluing in a dowel to a stripped hole enables a new hole to be drilled and a screw to fit securely in place. Glue in a dowel to fill a stripped hole with tips from an experienced home remodeling specialist in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hey everybody I'm Don Golden back with Expert Village and we're working on our desk leg here. Now I've drilled out the hole and it looks to be a pretty straight, pretty clean hole and that's what you want. The next step now is to take this dowel and you can buy these by the way they come in many store and they come in many different sizes from an eighth of an inch to probably all the way up to an inch. This is a half inch circular dowel and we are going to kind of bath this in glue and the inside as well and tape it in and then we are going to let it dry so let's get started. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a little glue first and just make sure it is carpenters glue. It's the yellow stuff not the white stuff that the kids use at school. Although you could probably get away with it but this is a little stronger. So let's put a little in the hole, make sure you have got any debris out of there. We don't need too much and then I just take a toothpick and I kind of spread it around just like that so you are covering all parts inside that hole make it a nice clean coat. That looks pretty good. Let's just throw a little bit on here. I am probably going to get it on my fingers because you really should have a little brush to do this with but you can be a little messy, it's not going to kill you. There we go. Just like that. You don't have to soak the whole darn thing but you know it is good if you can just take your finger now and spread it to the top and just wipe it on your trusty stand. Let's insert and it is a good tight fit and then let's tap it in with a hammer. One, two, three. Just like that, you don't want to go all the way in because I am going to shave this down when we are ready to redrill it so you get a nice flat surface so that is just about right. There we go. When we come back we are going to let this drill. When we come back we are going to drill it out and reset that double sided screw.