How to Layout the Top of a Desk Hutch

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Learn how to layout and cut the wood to build the top of a desk hutch in this free DIY woodworking video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi, this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip I'll show you the procedure for laying out and cutting our top. Our top will be cut out of the lower section of our sheet of plywood just as the shelf was on the other part. We're going to start by transferring all of our measurements over. Now, with our top is going to over hang an inch on the sides in the front, so it's going to be just a little bit bigger than our shelf was. To double check that our measurements are correct I went ahead and placed my shelf on top of my sheet of plywood. As you can see there is one area where I didn't calculate correctly, so I went ahead and adjusted that. The next step is to follow my lines and cut out my top. Now that our top has been cut out we need to go back and make sure all of these edges are nice and crisp, so we're going to clean those up as well.