Toilet Cleaning: Recommendations

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When cleaning toilets, try to clean at least once a week to eliminate germs and unwanted bacteria. Learn more toilet cleaning recommendations from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now, the first thing everyone wants to do when they have guests in their home, they want to make sure their guests are comfortable. So when you have someone that comes, you never know really when you're going to have a guest that just, a visitor just stop by to say hi. So you never really know when your bathroom, your guest bathroom, for example, downstairs is going to be used. So you always want to make sure your toilets are clean. Nothing more embarrassing than having someone stop by to say, "hi, oh, can I use your bathroom really quick," and you know your bathroom's not clean or at least your toilet. So, one thing that is the most off putting, obviously, is to see a black line of bacteria built up around the level where the water sits. That is where you're going to see a black line. It's very, very faint here because, of course, I haven't cleaned by toilet for a week. I've waited to do this for you today. There's a very faint dark line around where the water sits and that is the biggest build up of bacteria right there. So what we want to do is I want to explain to you that if you are cleaning your toilet on a regular basis then you don't have that big build up. So, when you have a visitor that stops by, you can always feel confident if you're washing your toilets once a week, you never have to worry, is my toilet dirty, when they're, when they're in there using the bathroom and feeling a bit embarrassed. So that's my recommendation is to clean the toilets once a week.