How to Repel Deer

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Repelling deer from a garden is best accomplished by fencing in the area, avoiding plants that they like and putting down chili peppers, cayenne pepper, egg whites or coyote urine. Keep plants that deer like to eat in a greenhouse with help from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to repel deer. Now, this is a very sore subject for me right now because as you can see my beautiful azaleas that I got at the garden show last week that I did not put in the green house yet have been totally devastated by the deer. They totally mowed them down and my beautiful tulips that I planted in between my daffodils in this flower bed have been dug up maliciously by those deer. Now, I love my deer. They're part of the family, but I've come to the conclusion that unless I put a six-foot tall fence, cyclone fence all the way around the two acres, they are going to come in and they are going to eat their favorite things, and I guess it's my fault for putting azaleas out and tulips out and my camellia out and everything else that they're nibbling on because there's really no way to repel them because they, if they're on a mission, they will get into your garden. So, the way that you can protect your plants, is to one don't even ever grow any of the plants that they like in your garden. Stick with daffodils and calla lilies and things that they don't eat like lavender or put them in the green house where they don't get them or actually fence in the area near the house and fence in the area where they're getting into the beds. You can also put down red hot chili pepper, cayenne pepper, coyote urine. There's all types of tricks. Egg whites, but the deer in my neighborhood are very tamed. They're not afraid of us in any way. So, they get used to pretty much anything that I've tried. The neighbors put out Cd's because the reflection scares them. You can put automatic sprinklers out. You can put music out; anything to try to repel them, but unless you actually put a cyclone fence around your property, they will eventually get to your plants. So, you're really only choice is to plant plants that they don't eat or put all of the plants that they do eat in a green house, and really that's the only way to repel deer.