Toilet Cleaning: Gloves

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When cleaning toilets, wear latex gloves to protect the skin from harmful chemicals. Wear appropriate gloves with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Ok, now next off, and we're almost done with the setup here, but I'm going into detail with all of these things, so that you can be fully prepared and ready. Every time you want to clean the toilet, you're ready to go. You know all the things that you need to make the job easier, and quicker, quite frankly, so I always, always have gloves, that I wear when I clean. Now, gloves like these, are obviously heavier duty. They're going to last you for twenty, thirty, forty different cleanings, because they don't break. They don't tear. These are latex gloves. You can get a pair of these for a couple of dollars, at any of your local grocery store. They usually come in yellow or white, but they protect your skin from the chemicals, that you're going to be using, which again, you don't want to have that on your skin, because it's going to dry your skin out, and make your hands a little irritated. If you're allergic to latex, which some people are, there's another option here. These are latex free gloves, and you can get a whole box of these. They cost about five dollars for a box, and you can get them at any store, Rite Aid, anything like that. You get a hundred and fifty gloves in the box, so once you've used these. Obviously, these are disposable, so make sure you throw these out. They're fairly thin. They can occasionally break, but they're textured fingers, so you can get some abrasion when you're cleaning with them, and they're a great fix, to throwing them out when you're done.