Choosing the Correct Organic Hydroponic Medium

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Hi, this is Steve we are talking today about picking a good hydroponics organic medium to grow your plants with. There are several good medias on the market today, you can go with a coconut core media, which is comprised of the husk of the coconut plant, there are some in compressed bricks you hydrate yourself or you can get it in a loose form in a bag ready to go. Another good medium you can use are these expanded clay pellets, they are totally inert so you need to make you have a good hydroponic nutrient when you are using these. With coconut you can almost use it like soilist mix. Another good method that people have used for years just using straight perlite, you can find it just about anywhere, and you also have special blends like this ReadyGro soil that has both the coconut core, the perlite, some compost, microrizoms, some bacterial innoculates, and things like that to help the plants grow. Or you can just go with a straight organic soilist mix, a peat mix, with perlite and a wetting agent in it, or another thing are these silica stones, not only are they a good media they also provide silica for the plant grow better.