Toilet Cleaning: Inside Toilet

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When cleaning toilets, use a disposable bleach pad to disinfect the inside of the toilet. Clean the inside of a toilet with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now that we've got a clean, a completely clean outside of the toilet. All we've got to do is the inside and the top rim. Which is the dirtiest. So you want to start off by putting a little disposable bleach pad, this has got bleach disinfectant, onto your little stick. Which, this is you use over and over. This is disposable. Just the head is disposable. So, if you. If you can see in here, you're going to start scrubbing and you're going to see a blue color that's going to come off of your sponge. And you're actually going to make note, before you put the sponge in the water, make note to see underneath the water where the darker spots are. Cause you want to really rub those hard inside the water. And you can't see too well inside the water once its turned blue. So make sure you have a look at that before you put the stick into the water. So you'll see the sponge just turning white. The blue has gone into the water. So that's telling you that its working. And that the disinfectant has gone into the bowl off of the sponge. Which of course is what you want. And just get right up underneath the rim. And just scrub it, you don't have to scrub too hard. I mean if you're cleaning on a weekly basis, thats the thing, you don't have to put too much elbow grease into it if you're doing it on a weekly basis. And its as simple as that. And then you transport this. Actually, I would have a little bag probably just right here. And just put that straight into the bag. Okay? And then you just, just pull it off. Okay?