Toilet Cleaning: Base

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When cleaning toilets, make sure to rinse and disinfect the base of the toilet to prevent the build up of bacteria. Clean the toilet base with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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O.k., now just to, to, to finish up. We, we, we got these areas down here with which we scrubbed around and also I briefly explained you've got to go around the base of your toilet with that toothbrush with that concentrated level of disinfectant o.k. because you are definitely going to have a build up around the bottom of your toilet, if you have boys especially in the house. So you just scrub all the way around the back side, front, get that all out o.k. Easy as anything, so that's that. Now while you're down there, I've already rinsed this out in my disinfectant clean water in the sink. You're just going to go around the base of it and just get up the, the concentrated amount of disinfectant. You don't really want that sitting around because it's quite a powerful smell as well. So just get that up and that's that, o.k. and then rinse it out. Do it a couple times, I'd rinse it a couple times, alright.