Toilet Cleaning: Wet Products

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When cleaning toilets, use a wet product like disinfectant to kill germs and bacteria. Clean a bathroom using wet products with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Ok, now next off, I'm going to show you all the wet products, that you need to always have with you in this carrier, wherever you go to do your bathroom or to do your toilets. You want to have these in there at all times. You need a disinfectant, a powerful disinfectant. Make sure it says disinfectant on there, because not all cleaners will be a disinfectant. That is your absolute must have. Also, I always use some kind of abrasive powdered formula, so that when you put it in the toilet, it actually gives you some friction on the inside of the tub. This is very, very cleansing. Again, another disinfectant, and then also you want to have some kind of squirt, that you can leave in the bowl after you clean. It kind of soaks in for a few hours afterwards, but I'll show you again, how we're going to use all of these. Another disinfectant, and then last of all, for your baseboards around your toilet. You want to have something to protect your wood, when you're cleaning and wiping up. You never want to leave your baseboards wet, so after you've cleaned and disinfected those baseboards. You're going to want to shine up here. Protect your baseboards with something that nourishes, and protects your wood, ok?