How To Lift A Black Eyed Susan For Transport

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Learn how to life your Black Eyed Susan plant for transport in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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This particular perennial plant was fairly large and it's got a lot of soil matter to it. I actually need to make a cut right in half to get it out because you can really hurt your back if you try to lift something out that's too big. I've made my cuts all around. Now, I'm going to take my scooping shovel and I'm going to try to pry the root up and loosen it up. I have this premoisten burlap here, which I'm going to use to get my plant onto so I can help transport it out. As you can see, I'm using my shovels for leverage. I'm just going to slowly without straining my back. I'm kneeling down. I'm hoisting this first section, which you can see has so much soil matter to it of rudbeckia. It's very, very healthy good plant. I have a second one here and I'm going to do a little under cut with. Trying to keep this little lavender intact. I'm going to use my hands and just gently try to rock it away without disturbing that other plant. Instead of actually lifting, I like to kind of roll things up like this. Just roll it up so you're not really straining yourself because these weigh probably a good 50 pounds or more. You have the burlap here. You want to minimize your exposure to any sunlight to the roots, so pull this burlap up to keep it out of the sun until you can get it to where you need to move it.