How to Choose a Location for your Custom Oak Computer Desk

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Learn how to choose a location for your custom oak computer desk in this free DIY video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip I will be talking about choosing a location for our desk. Our desk is going to be for work purposes primarily so you want to chose a location that is away from the daily traffic inside the house. We have chosen this corner in the master bedroom because it is away from everything else, yet there is still plenty of room to be able to get work done. To maximize our space we are choosing to make a corner desk that is going to fill this side and this side a little bit. The primary work area is going to be directly in the corner. Now there plan is to have Chester drawers located right next to the window and then our desk is going to start right next to our Chester drawer. A good location for your desk would have plenty of power outlets, down the road here we have a cable jack and be hind be we have a phone jack. Now this is going to provide us with everything we will need for our work station.