How To Plant A Black Eyed Susan

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Okay, now I'm going to take a little more of this existing soil and add it to my previously made mix that has my lime and my peat moss and my hummus and some of my phosphorus in there, and I'm going to mix that back together. I'm going to then fill in around the base of this plant making sure to pack in any little air pockets that might be. We don't want the air to get on the roots there. We want some aeration, but we don't want any little pockets. I'm going to just pack it in real well. At the same time, you can always take your hoes because the ground will soak up so much of your water and you really don't want your plant competing. I'm going to add just a touch of water in here to help pack that down around. You're almost making a little bit of sort of a mud pie almost. It's all going to get absorbed in. I'm going to put in a little of this extra mix I got here all they way around the base. I'm just going to work my hands down around. Really get it worked in there nicely. Just keep filling around until you feel that all the bottom of the root hairs are covered. I'm kind of filling in with a little bit of the sand on top. The nice soil mix is down where the roots need to be. I'm just kind of filling in over top. Packing it really good. There's one little bold that popped out. I'm going to just stick that right back in there and put that to bed. There you go.