How to Do the Final Sanding of your Custom Oak Computer Desk

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Learn how to do the final sanding of your custom oak computer desk in this free DIY video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village, in this video clip I will be showing you how we would do our final sanding. For our final sanding we are going to go ahead and take our belt sander sand paper around our 2x4 and we are going move it along any sharp edges in a circular motion at a angle. This is going to break those meaning that there are not going to be sharp but they are still going to look like they are square. The reason we do this is so that if anybody bumped into this edge it will wouldn't chip off and you would see that. Next we are going to go over our edges with sand paper just to smooth them out. Lastly we are going to go over every surface with sand paper just to make sure that any imperfections are taking out.