Bathroom Cleaning: Cobwebs

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Cobwebs in a bathroom build up around the corners of the ceiling. Dust away cobwebs in a bathroom with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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We have our nice warm water with our disinfectant nice and clean and we have got out step stools here which you really need. You want to have some little steps to help you and if you've got little ones in the house well you've got them in every bathroom like we have. So what we are going to start off with is the cob webs and there is no other way of getting around it. You really have to just get on the counter top and it is perfectly fine to use this disinfectant on the paint on your walls. It is not a problem at all. Now this is a thorough cleaning. You are not going to have to do this every well but I'm giving you the thorough spring cleaning for your house. So you want to go all along the tops and get all those cob webs with a disinfectant on your final and then you want to rinse that maybe once or twice and actually I would turn out the lights when you are doing that. I've got the lights on to give you, so you can see what I am doing but typically I would turn the lights off so just rinse your flannel and do it again.