Using Worm Castings in Organic Gardens

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Hi this is Steve for Expert Village, and today we will be talking about the use of warm castings in organic gardening. Warm castings have been used for many years as a good soil builder, its high in nitrogen, and iron, and calcium, which helps the plants to grow better. You get a better extensive root growth, a healthier more vibrantly growing plant. As well as it helps to fight off pests and disease. There are several forms; the main form is in a dirt which is the actual castings. What it is, is basically the excrement of the worm, its growing farms, what they do is harvest it put the worms, feed them bread, different starches in order for them to digest it and then they harvest those castings off, bag it and sell it. What they can do with the worm castings in this form is brew it into a tea, what they do with that is they put it into a vat, aerate the vat, let it sit overnight, and draw the juice off, and bottle it off into a liquid form and sell it, and it's a little bit easier to use. Some people like to use it better than carting around a big bag, but it's very important when you are dealing with organic gardening; it's a good nitrogen fixer.