How to Layout the Back of your Custom Oak Computer Desk

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Learn how to layout the back of your custom oak computer desk in this free DIY video. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village, in this video clip I will be showing you how to layout our back and cut it. While I'm waiting for my last piece of trim to dry I'm going to start laying out my back support piece. For the support of the back section of our desk we are going to cut a piece of wood to go in that corner. Now our skirt board that comes to that piece of wood is then going to have to be cut in a 45 degree angle. First we need to measure our back piece which is 17 3/4 inches. Now referring to my cutting diagram our back section is located in the middle of our sheet. Now that I have cut my back section you could see how it will fit in on the back of my desk. With this piece we don't have to put any trim on the sides because it is going to be hitting in the back and no one is going to see it.