How to Layout & Cut the Sides for your Custom Oak Computer Desk

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Learn how to layout and cut the sides for your custom oak computer desk in this free DIY video.. View Video Transcript

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Jon Olson

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village, in this video clip I will show you how to layout and cut out your sides. We know that we want the depth of our desk to be 20 inches so for our sides I want to leave a one inch over hang so this would be my board underneath acting as my left support. You notice that I left a little gap here and that is going to be one inch. In addition on this board I'm going to add 1/3 inches of trim to cover up that edge of plywood. So 20 inches minus 1/3 well give me the depth of my size. On my cutting chart I have cut out my top and now I'm cutting out my right and left side. Our depth is going to be 18 1/4 and our height is going to be 29 1/4 because our top is 3/4 of a inch thick that would total 30 inches from floor to the top of our top. Now taking a look at my cut chart I could just make this cut all the way across and it won't interfere with anything. So I'm going to do that first. For this I will be using a panel saw which is basically a skill saw in a vertical position. Next, I will set my table saw to 18 and 1/4 inches and cut out two pieces at 18 1/4.