How to Clean a Freezer

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Hi! I am Drew Finn, we are going to talk about how to clean and maintain your refrigerator for We are going to clean the inside of this as we did the other one, spread the surfaces, spread it out, let it sit a while, so we get the chemical action of all the cleaner, rather than using our elbow grease to get it cleaned, and just go from there. Wipe off the surfaces, get it nice and clean. I am going to clean the gasket too. I mean you can pry the gasket opening, and get in the groove, and get it cleaned so that we do not get the build up. If you do have the black stuff you may want to use the 10% Clorox solution as we did on the other side; our cleanser has Clorox, remember we do not ever mix Clorox with ammonia. We do not want to mix Clorox with ammonia, it makes a poisonous gas, which can be very bad for your health. Inspect the gasket all the way round on the freezer door looking for any damage, any broken parts where the magnet is coming through, particularly down the bottom, that is the most common place where it will happen. So we check it all around, and when you have cleaned it you pretty much get a good feel for it, because you are cleaning down and you will bump into something that is a defect, feel it, it looks like a defect, it probably is and you can buy replacement gaskets for the refrigerator. So what I do is close it. You visually check around to see if it looks like it is sealed, which I usually do. On the corners where you have got to check the best for, it is the most likely place to have a problem. So what we do again we close it and see that the bills sticks in there well, and we will try that in several places, and the bill does stay in very good, and these corners are where I am most concerned. Now this one has got it real good, I think it wants the bill. I can get it out if I want to without opening the door. So that is how we check the gaskets all way around, and both, and it is so important you have these things tightly sealed to save energy.