Bathroom Cleaning: Mirror Door

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When cleaning a bathroom, the mirror door on a medicine cabinet is wiped down with a fresh rag and glass cleaner. Clean a mirror door with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Now we want to do the outside mirror but we don't want to use the wet cloth that we have been using for the inside because we want to use a dry cloth to clean a mirror. You can't clean a dry mirror with a wet cloth. So back to the dry cloth. Let's just finish off this job and we'll be done with all the mirrors. So you just want to squirt it fairly lightly because this mirror is pretty small and again you might have noticed I did this and used the same technique. With a mirror it is the only time when I break that rule of top to bottom. With a mirror you go bottom to top so that it doesn't come down and seep into the cracks at the bottom of your mirror. It just makes sense for me to do it that way. So there you go, nice and clean. The inside is lovely and clean. All disinfected. The mirrors are shiny and now we're going to take care of the shelves in our mirror and putting everything else back in.