Furniture Repair: Inspection

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An inspection of the repaired furniture piece reveals a stronger table leg ready for a new drilled hole. Inspect the mended area on a table leg with tips from an experienced home remodeling specialist in this free video on furniture. View Video Transcript

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Hey good people Don Golden for Expert Village and we are back trying to fix this leg which goes to a beautiful desk which I refuse and my wife refuses to throw out that is inside the house. I think we can fix it and do a good job of it. So far we have drilled it out, we have redoweled this hole which holds the two sided screw which connects to the desk and if you notice there is a couple of cracks here that are right in the wood. Now this is hard wood this is a piece of oak and the fact that this probably caused the failure and that we just glued it and redoweled it is going to give it even more strength now. So I think there is some pretty good life left in this. So what I am going to do next is like I did initially to get this hole bigger we're going to drill this out but not as big. We are going to drill it to fit this screw and this side of the screw. We are going to make the hole a little smaller than the screw itself so this is going to be tapped and that means it is going to create its own groove once you screw it back in. That's what is going to hold it to the desk. So when we come back I'm going to show you how to drill this and I'm going to show you just how to do it and do it right.