Materials for Installing a Sprinkler System

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Hi this is Fernando and we are here with Expert Village and we are going over our water system and particularly what it is that you need in material to set up your own water system. Right here you are seeing one of the most important thing in your preplanting is your pvc piping. We are going with the 3/4 inch pvc plastic cause we are here in California and we are not going to have the extreme colds that you might have in the mid west or the east coast. You want to determine by your plants what kind of sprinkler heads you are going to use and the distance that your actually spray is going to throw. With that you can make your connectors for your pvc also you want to get any joining valve that goes with it and make sure you have the glue, everything that you need make sure when your installing this that you could do this correctly. You are going to have T joiners, you are going to have tape that is also good to help close off especially if you don't finish the night up to keep debris and also bugs. Here is the example of the blue hot pvc glue that we use to go ahead and seal the joints of the actually piping to go ahead and connect the 2 pvc pipes when it is threaded at the top as this one is that is when you go ahead and place in your actually insert for your sprinkler. When it is smooth it is used a connector between 2 join pvc pipes for your landscaping needs. So the key thing here is the key this one has no thread and this would branch off from 3 different direction and you could see there is different brands I recommend getting your different connectors in bag size so that you can go ahead and always have plenty and save a little bit of money verses buying individually. These are the varies types of connectors that you would have for your pvc piping and each one serves it's own purpose the riser is what is connected to the pvc that screws in to the threaded area which then connects to the actual sprinkler those on to the right connection could be cut down depending on the depth that you need for your actually sprinkler head and also don't forget for your pvc piping is some wood that you may need to cover certain areas or possible to hold some the pvc piping down.