Best Spades & Shovels for Backyard Gardens

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Learn how to choose the best shovels to care for your garden, plus beginner gardening tips and advice on tools and equipment for easy garden care and maintenance in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Craig Morrell. I'm with Landscape Restorations in Miami, Florida. We're here at Palm Hammock Orchid Estate and we're talking about planting, and fertilizing. This video clip is about choosing the right tool for the right job. We have 3 of the most common planting tools here. Basic ordinary shovels with a couple of exceptions. Number one; this is actually called a trenching shovel or an irrigation shovel. It has a long, narrow blade to it. It happens to have an angled point to it. It's got a shallow crown to it and it's usually used for making narrow trenches, but many people use these for planting bulbs and annuals. Here is a normal gardening spade. My own preference is to use one that has a deep scoop to it and it always sharpen the edge with a file. Fiber glass handles will outlast wood about 10 to 1. But my favorite of all is something called a rock spade. This type has a very shallow curve to it. Not much dept. Usually a fiberglass or a medal handle. These are expensive. If you file the edge though, they'll cut right into the soil. Great to have; digs a hole as deep as you want and as strong as you are. On behalf of Expert Village, thanks for watching.