Bathroom Cleaning: Warm Water

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Warm water is best for bathroom cleaning to more easily soften any build up, grease or grime. Use warm water to clean a bathroom with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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So I've got my gloves. I am ready to go. Now the first rule is that you can't clean with cold water. It has got to be warm water. The warmth will soften any build up, any grease and grime so we want to have our taps running so we can get that warm water. Now we are only trying to get that temperature nice and warm and it takes a while because your hot water has to come upstairs from downstairs. I'm going to get my abrasive material and just cover my sinks around the edges and maybe a little bit on the top there. See the little white parts by the side of the sink. Now the reason for this and you can just go ahead and get your cloth wet, is that when you've got toothpaste or anything in there that is kind of stuck to the side of your sink you want to get that off because you want to have a clean sink to start off with.