Furniture Repair: Drilling Dowel

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To repair furniture, drill into a dowel that mends a stripped hole to create a new setting for a double-headed screw. Drill a hole in the dowel of a table leg with tips from an experienced home remodeling specialist in this free video on furniture. View Video Transcript

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Hey everybody, Don Golden, with Expert Village. Now, we are going to put the brand new hole in here that's going to hold this back end of the desk, nice and firmly, and to do that, I'm really going to go back to what we did earlier, and I'm going to mount it on my trusty stand here, and close the vise down on it, so we're nice and snug, and get ready for the drill. Now, I, the first thing I had to do was figure out the size of the bit, and the way you do that, is pretty easy. You kind of hold this up to your eye, and take a bit that you think is close. Now, this is a quarter inch bit, and I thought that that was going to work, and I turned out to be right. If you hold it up, and hold it right in front of your piece, or behind it, you want it to cover the thick part of the screw, but still see the threads. That means you're going to be able to screw this in, and it's going to dig into that wood, and hold it in really good, so make sure that your bit is not too big. It's ok, if it's a little too small, but if it's too big, you just did a lot of work for nothing, so here we go. I've put the leg into our locking work table here, so now we're going to level it, and make sure it's ready to be drilled properly, so let me just check it on both sides. We got this side, and that looks good.I'll come over here, and look at the other side, and that looks good. Let's snug it up, nice and tight, and start drilling. Here we go, and now we're going to make sure we get dead center on this new dowel. You know, it doesn't have to be perfect. You can eyeball it. I know you can do it. That looks pretty good. That looks good. Start it off slow. Make sure your drill is level. Check the level on top, and that looks like that's started to move again. Here we go. A couple of bursts to get it going. There we go. It looks like we've got a pretty good hole there. Now, we might want to stretch this a little bit at the top, so we can get it started. When we come back, we're going to do that, and then we're almost finished with this process. We'll bring it inside and hook it up.