Finish Sharpening a Push Mower

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How to finish sharpening push mower blades; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on sharpening gardening tools in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Fred Carson. I'm with Carson's Saw Shop in Eugene, Oregon. I've been sharpening tools for over 30 years and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Ok, now we have a hand push lawnmower that's got a sharpened bar, bed knife and we've sharpened the reel also and we need to put it together. You can see it's a little bit on the rusty side. This fits in each hole. The first step is to put the bar in and make sure it's not touching anywhere there because it's got to make a little bit of a noise because it is a scissor type of a mower so you want to hear that sound. Screw on side down to lift it up, this one pushes it down and holds it in place. Lots of time, make sure these cut, you can use newspaper, works very well for testing. There is cuts, were pretty good. It's very important to get some grease in these dogs here on the gear, and put some grease down in the bearings, and some grease on the rods, make sure your paws in correctly, your paw has a bevel opposite on each side of the paw. So you got a bevel here and a straight here, well you want to make sure that the paw the paw is put in here so it catches on each one of the gears. It's got to be in there right side up not upside down. It's like that, put your wheel one, put your clip back on, get it to work. Hubcaps and we've got a roller to put on. This is for the height of your roller, you can adjust it has 1,2,3, positions here and it has 1,2,3, positions here so you can adjust your height we'll put it at about a medium range. This is for your catcher so you don't have to leave grass all over the place. So there's little bit of room for the roller. This goes here medium height, roller holder, go to the other side, tighten it up, Voila, you got a sharpened reel lawnmower. These work real good for small lawns and exercise.