Toilet Cleaning: Odors

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When cleaning toilets, open a window or burn a candle to eliminate lingering odors. Eliminate strong bathroom odors with tips from a nanny in this free video on toilet cleaning. View Video Transcript

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Okay, now one last thing when you clean the bathroom, if you've used strong disinfectants, you can have quite a strong smell of disinfectant. Now, I don't mind that. Some people they do, they don't like that smell, they don't want to smell that. So you got a couple of options. Obviously, you can always open the window. Have some fresh air that come in and neutralize that smell. Otherwise, you could burn a candle, light a candle, just have a little candle in there for an hour or so. You could also use, these all kinds of spray that you can just, you know, spray into the air. And some of them are aerosol, some of them are just spritzes that you don't have to have the aerosol to inhale. All days, also stay a little oil scented, sticks that come out of an oil bottle that just scent of that aroma. But there's a few options to get rid of the strong, smell of disinfectant if that bothers you. Okay? So there's your options there.