How to Control Weeds Organically

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Weeds can be controlled organically using a natural weed pre-emergent like corn gluten meal. Control weeds organically with tips from a landscaper in this free video on gardening and lawn care. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns. I want to talk to you a little bit about how to control weeds organically. Organics is the best thing going, because we at Showplace Lawns, are an organic landscape service. We do everything with organic materials, natural materials, native plants. Things that will really survive and look good,for you on your landscape. The best way to control these weeds, is first and foremost, a weed free emergent, which is corn gluten meal. Corn gluten meal will keep the seed from sprouting a root, and keep it from coming up. We have found that over time, that the best time to start a weed free emergent program, is in September. We do September, November, December, January, and February. Now, we may not do each of those months, but we will do two, three, or four or so, of those months together. Corn gluten meal has a life of about thirty to thirty two days. You need to water again really good, to have it work., and we feel that if we hit it on a more persistent basis, through that time of the year, when weed seeds are flying, that we can get a better control out of it. Also with corn gluten meal, you get roughly nine percent nitrogen by weight, and corn gluten meal then becomes the perfect and only true weed and feed, so remember corn gluten meal is a weed free emergent, and a nice thick healthy turf, the two best ways to prevent weeds.