Where to Buy 18th Century Chairs

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Tips on where to buy 18th century antique chairs in this free video on furniture collecting and collectibles. View Video Transcript

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Thinking about collecting 18th century chairs? First search out your local antique dealers, anyone in that collects or sells early American furniture a little bit fewer of those shops around. But they can be found you just have to search out in your own directory and find your local antique dealers and talk to people who like this 18th century furniture. That's one resource going online and eBay and the internet are another great source to find early American dealers as well as individual pieces being sold. Those are examples of going to shows I would recommend shows that have a lot of furniture for sale typically American early furniture is your best bet. But if you can search out any of the periodicals that are out there and try to find what shows are carrying more furniture than smalls. A lot of shows tend to carry very smaller items so you're not going to find a lot of this furniture so I'd search that out before I went. Cause you might be disappointed at a show that there's not much furniture there, those are things that you can search out, so those are a few places that you can resource to look for collecting your 18th century chairs.