How to Attach Glue Blocks to a Chair

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Reattaching the glue blocks to a wood chair. Learn how to glue a wood chair for furniture repair in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, now we have the chairs dried over night. Plenty strong, we are going to take the clamps off. It's always good if you?re using these old metal clamps to have these rubber pads on here it protects the wood a little bit, it doesn't leave dents. If you don't have the rubber pads, use a little piece of quarters ply wood, a piece of scrap wood. We have cleaned all of our blocks, and joints and are ready to go so, put our Phillips head attachment back in, get applying glue to the blocks and then putting them right back in the same location they came out of. You could put the glue blocks back on when your putting the chair back together the last process we do, put the front and back together, but for me, sometimes I like to wait to the next day. That way I make sure I have the clamps of the way and I have good access to the area, I can get the drill in there and it can these to fit up there nice and snug and tight and keep everything fairly moving along. So either way you want to handle it you put it on the day of the clamps, or the next day. After we get that, those glue blocks on, we've got to pretty much a reassembled chair. Now when the glue dries in these blocks we will be ready for the next process.