Digging a Hole: Transplanting Hostas

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OK, I'm getting ready to prepare my hole to transplant this hosta plant. It's important that you have the hole pre-dug because you don't want to leave the root system exposed to the air or left out of the ground too long. So, I'm gonna try to dig a nice, about a 12 inch hole around, in this little shade garden that I'm working in right now. I've got my rounded spade, which is very good for digging, and I'm going to pull this mulch away so that my excess soil, I can put here to save for later for when I work it back in with my other mix that I'm going to create. Now you're seeing a few other roots here from another perennial that was pulled out a while ago so you just kind of chop around them. And, also we're planting near a tree, so here's a little tree root that's in the way of where I'm trying to plant my hosta. Just gonna take my bypass pruners and I'm just gonna cut that out, and I'm sort of almost creating a little pocket, a little hole pocket like a pot, so to speak, and just cot out a little bit of these extra roots and I'm going to go back to my digging. I'm planting a hosta next to this corabell plant, which is another companion shade plant. And, as you can see I'm making a nice size hole, seeing if there's any rocks or any other type of debris that's in the way. You can see here that I've exposed another root that I really don't want it there so I'm just going to cut it away. It's not going to hurt the tree because the tree has plenty of roots and it's not going to cause that any harm in anyway. So, that's shaping up pretty nicely, and I like to make them nice and round. And, here again I'm going to put that soil right next to my hole to save it for later for when I'm working it into my new mix. And, there you go, looks pretty good right there.