Seats: Part of 18th Century Chairs

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Learn about the various seat parts of 18th century antique chairs in this free video on furniture collecting and collectibles. View Video Transcript

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So when talking about seats in the 18th century chair I'm going to show you the examples that we have here one is the splint right here there a good sturdy seat that last a very long time. This one has ware on it and this is a type of a seat that when there is some damage it can be they can go back to later on and repair. You can see where this is an even somebody actually went back and put a seat where this dries out and it cracks and you'll see there's a little bit of gap here. A good person that knows how to do this type of workmanship can come in here and just add a piece into this splint seat without taking the whole seat apart and doing it over. Then you would have to try to stain it down and get it close to the original color of this splint on and this is an example of where they kind of just made putting this splint right back together. Cause it has a nice even weave to it and if you look your not seeing that even weave here so to be I prefer to leave these chairs just the way they are and it doesn't bother me that there's a little bit of evenness in the seat itself. I rather have it original if I can without changing it but it's a personal thing there very comfortable seats and there very durable.