Deadheading Flowers in Container Gardens

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Deadheading flowers in container gardens is a process of removing the spent flower heads to promote more flowering growth. Deadhead flowering plants all season long for a container garden full of blooms with helpful advice from a professional... View Video Transcript

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To keep our flowers flowering all season long it is important to remove the spent flower heads to encourage the plants to produce more flowers. We call that deadheading because you are removing the dead flower head but in order to do that once all the flowers on this stem dies we would simply come in with our finger tips and pinch off the dead stalk and then you can see this plant already has little side shoots that are beginning to come along and those will take over and start blooming for the plant. On a plant like this Salvia once this is finished blooming to dead head it we would simply come in and remove the stem back where the newest sets of leaves are beginning to emerge from the stem. When we do this deadheading we are essentially tricking the plant to continue to flower because they don't set seeds and instead of putting their energy into seed production they'll put their energy into producing more flowers. So by continuing to deadhead all season long your flowers will continue to bloom for months and months and months.